Mile High View - Kite Line Mount (GoPro Max)



Capture those epic moments using our latest Mile High View – Kite Line Mount made especially for the GoPro Max 360. Designed to be super light, strong and eliminate any appearance of it interrupting your shots.


Designed with a clear passage for your safety line and a offset helical coil to hold the camera under tension on your lines. No tools or clips needed to attach it to your kite lines (screwdriver needed for GoPro attachment). Designed to be easily attached and removed while kite and lines have been setup.

Available in two standard colors Black or Gold

Camera Compatibility: GoPro MAX

Kite Compatibility: 4 and 5 line kites


*GoPro Hero Camera not included

**It is always recommended to use a tether.

**Adding a camera mount to your kite lines can increase your chance of having a serious accident. We do not recommend you perform tricks or jumps while attached to your lines.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, Global 'Standard Shipping' 3-4 weeks & 'Express' 3-7 days.